Press Accreditation

- for full accreditation (10 stages) requests: 10th August 2018.
- for partial accreditation (1 to 5 stages) requests : 3 days prior to the requested stage.
Pickup : Accreditations will be withdrawn at the permanence at Grand-Champ the day before and the day of the Grand Départ or at the reception of each village-departure.
1. Your outlet
2. Journalist #1
Journalist #2 (optional)
Journalist #3 (optional)
Journalist #4 (optional)
3. Vehicule #1 (optional)
Vehicule #2 (optional)

The following rules apply to all vehicles travelling with the race convoy:
- media vehicules (cars and motorbikes) must be equipped with a Radio Tour receiver (Art. 2.2.048 of UCI rules).
- The drivers and riders of media vehicules with the race convoy must be able to present a "drivers' license" (car, motorbike, etc.) delivered by a national federation affiliated to the UCI (Art. 1.1.010, 2.2.035, 2.2.050 et 2.2.053 of UCI rules).

Reminder: The race convoy is a "mobile bubble" bookended by the Gendarmerie's opening vehicle and the voiture-balai.